10 Tips para los papás Montessori

Si eres un padre o madre que está educando a sus hijos bajo el Método Montessori, esto puede ser muy útil, se trata de la publicación que encontré en el blog Daily Montessori, les voy a copiar uno que me gustó mucho y les dejo el link para que los revisen todos que están muy interesantes.

Freedom of choice

Always give them a choice. This is best when dealing with toddlers and you are engaging in a power struggle. Give them only two choices for things that will involve them. They can have dinner now or they can have it later with everybody else, they can wear the blue or the red shorts with the green top

Use common sense

It does not take rocket science to raise a child; some things just need to involve common sense that seems to be not so common for some. Trust yourself that you are doing the right thing, if it feels right. Most of the Montessori principles involve only common sense and rational thinking.

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